Adventure with a mission

You are young and not afraid of a challenge?

JAP offers you single day adventurous activities or multiple day adventure projects, in Belgium or abroad, for individuals or organisations.

Always adventurous and open for all youngsters, regardless your background, whether or not you are disabled or socially disadvantaged, together we’ll explore the world.

Scroll quietly through this site and discover:
• What we can offer you;
• Who we are;
• What we stand for;
• Pictures of past projects;
• Current and future projects;
• How to enrol for planned activities.


JAP undertakes special efforts for youngsters whose chances in life have been quite limited.

It goes without saying that also our team of monitors is a very heterogeneous group of Belgians and immigrants, disabled and able-bodied persons.

JAP sets out with everybody!

Our activities

Would you like to participate to one of our challenging activities and enjoy the adventure with others of the same age group?

JAP offers you adventure & outdoor activities in Belgium – single day as well as weekends and adventure camps.

When we plan an international project, it is not our intention to offer an all-in, neatly organised “swimming pool” holiday.
Instead, we offer you a unique adventure experience, a well-balanced mix of adventure and culture.

Push back the frontiers, discover your own possibilities and see what you are able to achieve: not only in sports, but also in your views and opinions on other cultures, other people and yourself.

The regular ingredients of our international projects are: a loaded backpack, several days of hiking, overwhelming nature, cook-your-own-meal, and adventurous activities such as canyoning, mountain biking, hydrospeed, …

We invite you to enroll for one or more of our activities by pushing the 'contact'-button on the bottom of this page. We thus inform you about our upcoming adventure camps next summer.

Take a look at the overview of our recent projects, of check out our photo gallery (both in Dutch).

JAP for groups

Are you and your friends looking for an adventurous weekend in the Belgian Ardennes, or are you interested in a challenging trip for your organisation to Morocco, the Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, …?

Contact us. Together with you and your organisation we’ll draw up a customised program that will cover all your wishes and more!

The international projects we have organised for individuals can also be organised on demand for groups.

JAP adventure is not a holiday organisation. We focus on projects with added value for the society. In fact we focus on socially disadvantaged youngsters.

JAP as an organisation

JAP is a non-profit-making organisation achieving its goals thanks to the commitment of a group of passionate and well-trained volunteers.

You will find more about the goals of JAP under the chapter “ vision, mission, values and philosophy “where we clearly state what our aims and goals are as regards our target group.

Vision, mission, values and philosophy

JAP is a Belgian non-profit organization specialized in adventure and survival activities; we mainly focus on reaching those youngsters that usually tend to drop out. This is what gives our organization its added value in comparison with other, more commercially oriented adventure and survival initiatives: since adventure activities tend to be rather expensive, they are often less accessible to the young people in our society who are less fortunate.

Adventure and outdoor activities can often be quite challenging, which makes them into an excellent means to create a tight team spirit. In order to optimize and maximize this so-called 'grouping process' our methodology is based on the principle of 'peer education'. This principle implies that youngsters are stimulated to learn from each other, rather than from an adult, as is the case in the traditional 'leader-pupil' model. We believe this approach gives the youngsters the extra impulse they need to discover their internal strength and their personal qualities and limits. Moreover it shows them that the world does not stop in their own back yards - there is more to the world than one might expect from one's day-to-day life.

We also urge our participants to take up certain responsibilities according to their own capabilities. In this way we try to make them realize they're an indispensable part of the group as a whole.

In order to make our activities easily accessible to underprivileged adolescents, JAP offers the following additional services:

Registration fees are kept as low as possible for all activities. On top of that an extra reduction can be given to those who need it most.

JAP furthermore provides, if necessary, the participants with all the required equipment for the activity (eg. for an adventure camping trip this package consists of a sleeping bag and mat, a rucksack, a fleece jumper, etc.).


"Es bildet sich ein talent in der Stille, ein karakter im Strom der Welt"
(Goethe, Tasso, 3rd act)

JAP tries to get the best out of youngsters.
We start from the 'astonishment' , from the 'unusual' to break through the daily grind that youngsters often experience.
We try to complete the well-being by awakening them, by challenging them and by offering them unique and unforgettable experiences.

The youth of tomorrow : creative, dynamic, searching. JAP gives them a hand on their quest.


JAP is setting out with youngsters.
Setting out means meeting, experiencing and enjoying.
Adventure and survival are our means.


JAP urges youngsters to learn from each other (peer education).
We don't work with a leader-pupil model.
Our method is based on experimental learning. JAP creates a learning environment in which the participants are stimulated to take up responsibility.
Safety, respect for each other and respect for the environment are listed high on our priority list.
We choose for a small-scale approach.

Some of our goals

• JAP offers a variety of challenging adventure activities for youngsters, with a main focus on those who tend to drop out.
• JAP organizes innovating events with impact on and a surplus value for society. We organize the events with the people and not just for them.
• JAP wants to set up international exchange programs with other youth organizations from Europe to learn from each other.
• JAP involves youngsters in the conception and the content of the activities. This is what we call participation.
• JAP constantly extends its know-how of adventure and survival and of working with underprivileged youngsters.


With its activities JAP aims at:
• self-activation
• respect for each other and the environment
• social commitment

JAP team

The JAP team consists of volunteers only, each with his/her own competences.

These highly motivated individuals are responsible for the preparation, realisation and follow-up of our projects.


You have a question to ask? Or something interesting to tell us? Send us an email, or send a message with the contact form below.